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WPT Super Panoramic Padel Courts By China Suppliers


China Youngman Designed and developed Super Panoramic WPT Padel Courts especially for events and exhibitions, Already popular in more than 50 countries around the world.

  • Raw Materials :

    Tempered Glass , Artificial Turf, Steel Tupe. LED Lights.
  • Minimum order :

    2 Sets
  • Payment :

    TT or others Payments
  • Product Origin :

    Hefei City, China
  • Color :

    Red, Green, Black, Blue, White.
  • Shipping Port :

    China Ports
  • Lead Time :

    8-12 Days
  • Padel Court Size :



Design your courts to your liking. Create a unique WPT super panoramic padel court which  comply with FIP dimensions and regulations.

Its excellent structural strength and unique simple design break through the limits of what is possible with technology. The panoramic padel Stadiums exceeded all expectations.

Give you unimaginable visual effects.


WPT Padel Courts Supplier


High Quality Frame metal structure: Our full panoramic courts are built with both quality and beauty in mind, using premium materials to withstand the elements and ensure longevity.

All our steel pipes have been derusted, polished, finely ground, and shot blasted.then We use advanced high-tech spraying production lines. The first step: all steel pipes enter the high-temperature furnace for surface dust removal and drying of surface moisture. The second step: use high-quality outdoor special powder for spraying, and use automated manipulators to spray to make the surface plastic. The powder coating is even and smooth. After being baked at a high temperature of 180-220 degrees, the surface powder adsorption force is stronger, and the outdoor service life is more than 15 years.

All Columns ,beams and Mesh fence are use High quality Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel,

Hot-dip Galvanized High Quality Steel has the advantage of anti-corrosion, not fall off, not rust after long time Outdoor use.


The color, shape, structure, material, design and processing technology of the

padel court can be customized according to customer special requirements.

Technical Parameter : Padel Court size: length 20 m * width 10 m.


 Mondo Type Artificial Grass : Reinforced monofilament Grass.


  Mondo  Artificial Grass

     Yarn composition: 100% polyethylene.

Density: 46200 Stitch/,    Height: 12 mm.

Yarn Dtex: 8600  , Color: Blue or Green.

Stitch Rate22sticthes/10cm.

Primary Backing ClothFleeced backing with PET yarn reinforced + PP Anti-UV backing.

CoatingPolyurerthane (PU) appr. 700 g/ m2

Guage Inch: 3/16  , Turf Backing: PP Net+PU.

Water permeability ≥30L/min/m2 with 2mm perforation holes(none infilling).


 Glass Padel Courts


 Tempered Glass:


1 piece of glass with 8 countersunk holes and finely ground edges.

 12mm Thickness , Dimension2995*1995mm, 1Set Padel Court with 18 pieces Tempered Glass.

CertificateCE, CCC, SGCC ,IGCC, ISO ,CSI, SAI Global, AS/NZS4666.

Complies with European Standard EN 12150-1 .

Strong production capacity. Our factory has advanced equipment imported from Europe and professional technicians. It can produce more than 10,000 square meters of tempered glass every day.

Heat-resistant function. It is 5 times heat resistant than float glass and can withstand sudden temperature differences of up to 300 degrees. This makes it safer in the event of a fire.

1.  Use the best float glass as raw material.

2.  Every production process has quality inspection.

3. Powerful production capacity. 60% of our production machines are imported from world-class famous brands in Europe. For example, cutting machines and polishing machines from Italy (Intermac, Bavelloni), cleaning machines from Germany (Benteler), tempering ovens from Finland (Glaston, Tamglass), fully-smart glass production system from Austria(LiSEC). The remaining 40% of our machines are from the best China brands, such as GoLive, TCME, Jinglass. Daily production capacity of tempered glass is more than 10000 sqm.

4. Excellent polishing edge and countersunk hole, no scratch or chip on glass surface. They can not only bring beautiful appearance, but also further enhance the strength of tempered glass.


Bolts & Accessories:


All accessories ,fittings, lugs and screws used to fasten the structure and glass panes are made of 304 stainless steel, it can not rust for life, It is strong and does not deform,

the crafts has a beautiful appearance.

The cutting, drilling and processing of all our accessories are done on CNC intelligent digital machines. According to technical drawing standards.

There is no error in the size of the accessories. Customers can install our padel courts more easily, conveniently and accurately.

We select raw materials of excellent quality and our quality inspection department inspects all accessories before shipment. 


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Add: Yuxi Road, Feidong County Development Zone, Hefei City, China
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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.