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Official Tour Full Panoramic Padel Tennis Court Manufacturers


The Full Panoramic Courts  feature high-quality components and fine finishes. It complies with all regulations and requirements of the World Padel Tour.

  • Raw Materials :

    tempered glass, hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, hot-dip galvanized mesh, artificial turf, LED lights, 304 stainless steel screws, accessories and links, tennis net, quartz sand
  • Minimum order :

    1 set
  • Payment :

    TT or others Payment
  • Product Origin :

  • Color :

  • Shipping Port :

    Shanghai Port
  • Lead Time :

    8-10 Days
  • Padel Court Size :




We are official manufacturer of the best Full Panoramic Padel Courts in the world for extreme weather conditions.

Our new design Court is characterized by being completely composed of 18 pieces of thickness 12mm tempered glass, which provides Padel players with a wider sense of space and provides transparent panoramic viewing for audiences at the same time.

The central support column of the whole Tennis stadium is made of reinforced high-quality steel pipe 100*100*3mm. The structural designer uses 304 stainless steel screws and links with stronger hardness, and invisible fixing devices are used on the upper and bottom of the glass to ensure that the whole court system stronger and safer after installation.


World Padel Tour Padel Courts


 Wire Anti-vibration mesh fence: improves the padel experience and protects the environment from excessive damage.

 Pillars ,Crossbars and Mesh fence are use High quality Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel,

 Hot-dip Galvanized High Quality Steel has the advantage of anti-corrosion, not fall off, not rust after long time Outdoor use.

Hot-Dip Galvanized Lamp Columns:

Steel pipe size: 100*100mm*3000mm.

Lamp Post steel square pipe: 40*80*3000mm.

The Beams on the 10-meter side 50*100mm*6000mm.

The Beams on the 20-meter side:  50*100mm*4000mm.

Upper and lower corner joint Crossbars: 50*100mm*2000mm*2000mm.

Mesh Frame Post: 50*100mm*3000mm. Mesh frame size: 1000*2000mm,
Mesh Frame tube: 50*30*2.5mm, Wire Mesh: 50*50*4mm.


Hot-Dip Galvanized Paddle Tennis Courts


European Standard EN 12150-1 Float Tempered Glass:


2995*1995mm*18 pics, Thickness 12 mm .

 Passed CertificateCE, SGCC ,IGCC, ISO ,CSI, SAI Global, AS/NZS4666, CCC ,

1.  Use the best float glass as raw material.

2.  Every production process has quality inspection.

3. Powerful production capacity. 60% of our production machines are imported from world-class famous brands in Europe. For example, cutting machines and polishing machines from Italy (Intermac, Bavelloni), cleaning machines from Germany (Benteler), tempering ovens from Finland (Glaston, Tamglass), fully-smart glass production system from Austria(LiSEC). The remaining 40% of our machines are from the best China brands, such as GoLive, TCME, Jinglass. Daily production capacity of tempered glass is more than 10000 sqm.

4. Excellent polishing edge and countersunk hole, no scratch or chip on glass surface. They can not only bring beautiful appearance, but also further enhance the strength of tempered glass.


Padel Tennis Net:


The specifications of the tennis net are 10 meters x 0.92 meters, Net Mesh distance: 4*4 cm, thick steel wire tension rope, black knotted network cable,

and PVC white edging. The network cable is made of anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging materials.


Reinforced monofilament Artificial Turf:


  Certificate:  CE , ROHS , GB/T 21604-2008 (Skin irritation test).

   GB 21510-2008 (Antibacterial and Antifungal Testing).

   Lisport (Wear-resistant 150,000 weeks ).

   SGS (Resist UVA5000h) ,  GBT20394—2013 (Prevent Burn Test) .

   REACH205 (European standard ).

   GBT20394—2019 All test , GB36246-2018 All test.

Artificial curled grass : standard size roll 4000 mm/2000 mm.

Length: 20000 mm,  Height: 12 mm.

Grass silk : 10000 Dtex ,  Color: Blue or Green.

Guage Inch: 3/16  ,  Turf Backing: PU.Density: 63000 / m² .

Standard: Comply with GB/T 20394-2006 (Sports Artificial Turf premium product ) . Color: blue, green (customizable)

This model grass lawn is one of the most high-end products, Which is special manufacturing for Padel Court, we are exported to Europe, such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, etc. this grass silk material is high linear PE plastic particles imported from the United States, using KDK With special craftsmanship, the grass silk keeps the color and curvature for a long time to extend the life. The base fabric adopts double-layer twill weave, which is different from ordinary warp and weft knitting. The base fabric has stronger tear resistance and reduces the risk of wrinkles caused by thick grass yarns and high density. At the same time, the back glue is coated with polyurethane material. Poisonous and environmentally friendly, no mold or slag, customers can use it with more peace of mind. The most important thing is that when the height of the grass is 12mm, the grass can be locked to the greatest extent and the service life is prolonged.


Youngman Sports is a professional padel courts manufacturer and has gathered a group of top professional Padel industry designers. Focus on details and high-quality raw materials, durable, and we focus on anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment of outdoor materials. Providing high quality courts to our customers. In the past 13 years, we have installed more than 2,300 sets padel tennis courts in more than 50 countries around the world. Our super quality and timely after-sales service have been recognized and praised by customers.






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Official Tour Full Panoramic Padel Tennis Court Manufacturers
  The Full Panoramic Courts  feature high-quality components and fine finishes. It complies with all regulations and requirements of the World Padel Tour.
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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.