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Deluxe Design Classic Padel Tennis Court For Outdoor

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Deluxe Design Classic Padel Tennis Court For Outdoor

In Youngman Padel, You can personalize your court structure, color, turf and glass and we can design and manufacture it according to your specifications.

  • Raw Materials :

    Padel Tennis Net, Artificial Turf, Tempered Glass, Steel Columns and Mesh.
  • Minimum order :

    1-2 Sets
  • Payment :

  • Product Origin :

  • Color :

    customized colors
  • Shipping Port :

    Shanghai Port
  • Lead Time :

    8-10 Days
  • Padel Court Size :



Youngman Sports is a professional Padel Courts manufacturer and has gathered a group of top professional Padel industry designers. Focus on details and high-quality raw materials, durable, and we focus on anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment of outdoor materials. Providing high quality Padel Court to our customers. In the past 13 years, we have installed more than 2,300 sets courts in more than 50 countries around the world. Our super quality and timely after-sales service have been recognized and praised by customers.


 Classic Padel Tennis Court


Metallic structure: 

Reinforced corner post: 100*100*3.0mm.

Fence column: 80*60*3.0mm, Upper beam: 100*500*3.0mm.

Lower beam: 100*500*3.0mm,

Mesh wire diameter: 4.0mm, Mesh: 50*50mm .

Column bottom plate: 300*290*10 mm.

Other base plates: 240*200*10 mm,  Light pole: 6 meters * 4 poles.

All columns,crossbars,mesh fence are hot-dip galvanized high-quality steel , first step: steel and mesh fence through the hot-dip galvanizing process . Second step : New technology electrostatic spray powder coating on the surface. Electrostatic spraying of zinc outdoor base Powder first and then spraying best quality outdoor use Powder on the surface again.2 times Powder spraying.Our hot-dip galvanized has the advantage of anti-corrosion, not fall off, not rust and not fade of color after long time use. Hot-dip galvanizing is durable.

The diameter of the mesh is 4mm, mesh size is 50 mm×50mm. The end of the mesh is protected from scratches and hooks. The surface of all pipes has been sprayed with electrostatic powder. The surface is smooth and delicate, durable and beautiful. all indicators meet the standards of GB15065-94 and IE60502, water absorption rate is 0%.


Tempered Glass Padel Court 


18 pics  Float Tempered Glass:


2995*1995mm,    Thickness 12 mm .

European Standard EN 12150-1,

 Passed CertificateCE, SGCC ,IGCC, ISO ,CSI, SAI Global, AS/NZS4666, CCC ,

1.  Use the best float glass as raw material.

2.  Every production process has quality inspection.

3. Powerful production capacity. 60% of our production machines are imported from world-class famous brands in Europe. For example, cutting machines and polishing machines from Italy (Intermac, Bavelloni), cleaning machines from Germany (Benteler), tempering ovens from Finland (Glaston, Tamglass), fully-smart glass production system from Austria(LiSEC). The remaining 40% of our machines are from the best China brands, such as GoLive, TCME, Jinglass. Daily production capacity of tempered glass is more than 10000 sqm.

4. Excellent polishing edge and countersunk hole, no scratch or chip on glass surface. They can not only bring beautiful appearance, but also further enhance the strength of tempered glass.


 Mondo Type Artificial Turf :  Reinforced monofilament Padel Grass


     Yarn composition: 100% polyethylene,

Density: 46200 Stitch/,    Height: 12 mm.

Yarn Dtex: 8600  , Color: Blue or Green,

Stitch Rate22sticthes/10cm,

Primary Backing ClothFleeced backing with PET yarn reinforced + PP Anti-UV backing,

CoatingPolyurerthane (PU) appr. 700 g/ m2

Guage Inch: 3/16  , Turf Backing: PP Net+PU,

Water permeability ≥30L/min/m2 with 2mm perforation holes(none infilling),

  Grass Passed Certificate:

   CE , ROHS , GB/T 21604-2008 (Skin irritation test)

   GB 21510-2008 (Antibacterial and Antifungal Testing)

   Lisport (Wear-resistant 150,000 weeks )

   SGS (Resist UVA5000h) ,  GBT20394—2013 (Prevent Burn Test) .

   REACH205 (European standard )

   GBT20394—2019   All test ,   GB36246-2018    All test.

Artificial curled grass : standard size roll 4000 mm/2000 mm.


Padel Tennis Net 


Padel Tennis Net:


The specifications of the tennis net are 10 meters x 0.92 meters, Net Mesh distance: 4*4 cm, thick steel wire tension rope, black knotted network cable, and PVC white edging. The network cable is made of anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging materials.


Bolts & Accessories:

All accessories ,fittings, lugs and screws used to fasten the structure and glass panes are made of 304 stainless steel, it can not rust for life, It is strong and does not deform, the crafts has a beautiful appearance.

The cutting, drilling and processing of all our accessories are done on CNC intelligent digital machines. According to technical drawing standards. There is no error in the size of the accessories. Customers can install our padel courts more easily, conveniently and accurately. 


8 Sets LED Lighting System:


    LED lights with China Famous Brand, each Set power is 200 W.

 IP 65 Waterproof .The light column is embedded inside the fence.

Height of the light column is 6000 mm, illumination reaches 300 Lux.



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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.