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Six Meters High Padel Court With Mondo Grass

This newly designed Padel Tennis Court in 2024 has a total height of 6 meters.

the Unique Padel courts Suitable for install and construction on rooftops padel club.

  • Raw Materials :

    Six Meters High Padel Court With Mondo Grass
  • Minimum order :

    1 SETS
  • Payment :

  • Product Origin :

    Made In China
  • Color :

    Customized Colors
  • Shipping Port :

    China Port
  • Lead Time :

    10 days
  • Padel Court Size :

    20*10 m


Mondo Artificial Turf Padel Courts


Some urban spaces are very small and crowded, but many people want to install and construction their own Padel Courts in limited space.

What should they do?

The best way is to build your padel tennis court on the roof of an unused building. You make use of the abandoned roof,

and the club's venue rental is very cheap. Allows you to reduce costs.

The population near shopping malls in the city centers of many big cities is particularly large, but the rooftops of shopping malls are vacant and abandoned.

This area is your best choice for building a Padel tennis club.

What must considered for rooftop padel courtconstruction and Installation outdoor ?


  1. Because the roof of the building is very high, tennis balls often fly off the roof when playing, and a lot of tennis balls are lost every day. In this case, we specially designed a new 6-meter-high version of the paddle tennis court. That is to add an Extra 2-meters-high protective net on top of the 4-meters-high padel stadium. This way the tennis ball won't fly out of the court, allowing players to be happy and enjoy the game.

2. In rainy and snowy weather, water accumulation and freezing on the rooftop will cause the club to be unable to operate. How to solve this problem?

     Before construction and installing a padel tennis court on your rooftop, you must first have a roof drainage system in advance.

    This can ensure that the roof floor is dry for long time.

3. During the cold weather in winter, it is very cold and windy on the rooftop. Then people won't like going to your paddle tennis club.

     We recommend that you choose a covered padel tennis court, preferably a closed ceiling, so that the air conditioning can be turned on

       in the club in winter, allowing enthusiasts to have a comfortable indoor temperature and environment.

       We are one of the best padel tennis court manufacturers in China and can provide you with High quality paddle tennis courts.


Overall metal frame structure:


Raised corner columns: 100*100*3mm*6m High.

The Beams on the 10-meter side: 50*100mm*6000mm.

The Beams on the 20-meter side:  50*100mm*4000mm.

Upper and lower corner joint Crossbars: 50*100mm*2000mm*2000mm.

Mesh Frame Post: 50*100mm*3000mm. Mesh frame size: 1000*2000mm,

Mesh Frame tube: 50*30*2.5mm, Wire Mesh: 50*50*4mm.


Mondo Style monofilament reinforced Artificial Turf:

 The Grass has non-slip design,100% UV resistance and anti-aging composition.

 Longer service life outdoors .

Silk yarn: 100% U.V.RESISTANT  PE.

Yarn weight : >1600g/m², 30sticthes/10cm.

 Height: 12 mm ,  Density: 63000 / m²

Grass silk : 10000 Dtex , Guage Inch: 3/16 ,         

Turf Backing: PP Net+PU, 

  Mondo Monofilament Padel Artificial Turf


12mm Thickness Tempered Glass:

 Size: 1995*2995MM*18 pics,European Standard EN 12150-1 

1.  Use the best float glass as raw material.

2.  Every production process has quality inspection.

3. Powerful production capacity. 60% of our production machines are imported from world-class famous brands in Europe.

For example, cutting machines and polishing machines from Italy (Intermac, Bavelloni), cleaning machines from Germany (Benteler),

tempering ovens from Finland (Glaston, Tamglass), fully-smart glass production system from Austria(LiSEC).

The remaining 40% of our machines are from the best China brands, such as GoLive, TCME, Jinglass.

Daily production capacity of tempered glass is more than 10000 sqm.

4. Excellent polishing edge and countersunk hole, no scratch or chip on glass surface. They can not only bring beautiful appearance,

but also further enhance the strength of tempered glass.


Accessories and Screws:

All accessories ,fittings, lugs and screws used to fasten the structure and glass panes are made of 304 stainless steel.


Sports Light System:  

Made in China brand LED lights, specially designed and produced for tennis courts, anti-vertigo, outdoor waterproof IP65. 200W each set.







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