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New Double Pillars Padel Court from China 2024

This newly designed panoramic Padel Tennis Court with double corner posts is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation in 2024.

It combines the features of classic and panoramic Padel Courts and is stronger and safer for outdoor use.

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    double-corner-column panoramic Padel Court
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China Factory Price Padel Court


New design double-corner-column panoramic Padel Court based on market demand to meet customers' demand for panoramic padel courts by China Young Padel,

It also enhance the outdoor wind load resistance level of Panoramic Padel Tennis Courts .

Panoramic courts are the most hot in the global market, because this court is surrounded by all glass. There are no columns

in the middle of the glass. It brings a wide field for  players and spectators. Let you enjoy the game in full view.

However, this type of padel court has weak wind resistance in places with particularly strong winds outdoors,

so our structural designers specially designed this corner column composed of 2 sets corner columns,

which strengthens the wind resistance of the corner columns and the entire metal frame, and also retains the

panoramic view of the complete glass. It is welcomed and loved by customers and markets around all the world.


Metal structure of double corner columns:

Dimensions of 4 sets corner columns: Each corner column: 80*60*3mm*2 sets.


double corner columns Padel Court


Double corner columns are 4 meters high. This corner columns structure padel court are stronger and more beautiful 

after Construction and Installation.

Mesh Frame column: 80*60*3.0mm, Upper beam: 80*80*3.0mm, Lower beam: 80*40*3.0mm .

Mesh wire diameter: 4.0mm, Mesh hole: 50*50mm, 

Column base: 270*270*10 mm. Other bases: 240*200*10 mm.

Light pole: 6 meters*4 sets.

All columns, frames, and wire mesh are made of standard hot-dip galvanized materials.

They will not rust or rot even if exposed to rain outdoors for long time. They are safe and have a long service life.


European quality standard tempered glass:

Complies with European Standard EN 12150-1 .

 12mm Thickness , Dimension2995*1995mm, 1Set Padel Court with 18 pieces Tempered Glass.

CertificateCE, CCC, SGCC ,IGCC, ISO ,CSI, SAI Global, AS/NZS4666.

Strong production capacity. Our factory has advanced equipment imported from Europe and professional technicians.

It can produce more than 10,000 square meters of tempered glass every day.

Heat-resistant function. It is 5 times heat resistant than float glass and can withstand sudden temperature differences of

up to 300 degrees. This makes it safer in the event of a fire.


Sports LED Lighting System:


Outdoor waterproof IP65 grade LED energy-saving lamps, 8 sets of 200 watts. Lightweight design for easy high-altitude installation.

Anti-dizziness design.


Special Design Artificial Grass for Padel Courts:


Mondo Padel Artificial Grass from China


  Reinforced monofilament Grass with curled Silk.

     Yarn composition: 100% polyethylene, Density: 46200 Stitch/m²,    Height: 13 mm.

Yarn Dtex: 9500  , Color: Blue or Green, Stitch Rate22sticthes/10cm.

Primary Backing ClothFleeced backing with PET yarn reinforced + PP Anti-UV backing.

CoatingPolyurerthane (PU) appr. 700 g/ m2 .

Guage Inch: 3/16  , Turf Backing: PP Net+PU .

Water permeability :≥30L/min/m2 with 2mm perforation holes(none infilling) .


This 2024 newly designed double-column padel tennis court is of better quality and cheaper price.

It has become a popular model padel courts in the padel tennis world.




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