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When Asia Pacific Padel Tour in China 2024?

When Asia Pacific Padel Tour in China 2024?

April 09, 2024



2024 Asia Pacific Padel Tour China


Do you Know Asia Pacific Padel Tour already come to China ? 

China Padel tennis fans and players can watch passionate padel matches live near your home now.

2024 Asia Pacific Padel Tour in China

Shenzhen, China.

Time: 2024-04-19th - 2024-04-21th.

Open for Male, Female and Mix Professional and Amateur Categories.


((MALE ONLY)) PRICE MONEY: 5.000$ MALE: Winner 2.000$, Runner Up 1.000$, Semi Final 500$, Quarter Final 250$

OFFICIAL HOTEL: Zhonghao S Hotel No. 9005, Binhe Avenue, Futian District - OFFICIAL PARTY: (coming soon)

CLUB ADDRES: Gangxia North Station ( Padel Courts next to Exit 3 of Gangxia North Metro Station, Futian District, Shenzhen. China )


With the strong support of the China Padel Association and the vigorous promotion of the Asia-Pacific Padel Tour.

Padel tennis is booming again in China in 2024.

Young people are actively involved in the sport. At the same time, it promoted the construction and installation of Padel Courts in China.

At present,total of more than 600 sets of Padel Tennis Courts have been installed and Build in China.







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