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New Sports Padel Court Enter Middle Schools Universities

New Sports Padel Court Enter Middle Schools Universities

March 21, 2024



Schools Universities Padel Tennis Court


Thanks to the efforts of the China Padel Tennis Association and enthusiasts, the sport has developed and spread rapidly in China. And has entered China middle schools and universities.

In the spring of March, we start a new journey. On March 14, 2024, the Padel Court in China Shanghai Zhongqiao Vocational and Technical University was officially opened.

Ping Jie, secretary of the school party committee, Liu Shuyun, vice president, Yan Hui, dean of the School of International Education,

and teachers and students of Zhongqiao University witnessed this exciting event time.


This is another achievement of the sports culture construction of China Overseas Chinese University, and it is also a new measure for the school to

continuously optimize school running conditions, integrate educational resources, and improve the quality of education. The addition of padel tennis, a new sport,

will provide teachers and students with a more convenient and easy-to-operate outdoor sports method, promote the physical and mental health of teachers and students,

and help add vitality to the "healthy campus".


At the event site, Secretary Ping Jie and his classmates kicked off the new venue together. The crisp sound of the racket hitting the ball resounded throughout the padel stadiums,

and paddle tennis officially opened a new chapter at Shanghai Zhongqiao Vocational and Technical University! I believe that in the days to come,

padel court will become an important place for teachers and students to exercise, compete and communicate, adding more color and vitality to campus life.


As the first city in the country where paddle tennis has entered campuses, "padel tennis" has entered many schools in Dezhou City China and is quietly becoming popular in Texas campuses.

On the newly built paddle tennis court of Sun City School in Tianqu New District, Texas, students are learning paddle tennis under the guidance of their teachers. Swinging the racket and hitting the ball, the students enjoyed the fun brought by the paddle net.

A student from Suncity School in Tianqu New District, Texas, told reporters: “I have been playing padel for more than a year, and averagely play for more than an hour every day.

I can play with my classmates during the break, which makes me very happy. After finishing the game, I feel relieved and my body feels very comfortable.

I can run faster and my arms are stronger.

Zhang Rui, a paddle tennis teacher at Sun City School in Tianqu New District, Texas, said: "Paddle tennis is a sport that involves confrontation across the net.

It has certain benefits for young people's physical fitness. For example, it can improve physical flexibility and coordination. etc., as well as promoting the height development of classmates, especially the sport of dribbling, which can effectively attract children's attention and effectively improve children's eyesight.

We will conduct a top-notch selection to transport padel tennis reserve talents, and at the same time We are now preparing for the tennis and

net events of the 7th Dezhou City Games and have been stepping up training."


Suncity School's padel tennis class has been open for more than three years. Currently, the school has 6 standard paddle tennis courts.

The paddle tennis class has been popularized throughout the school, and more than 1,900 students are learning paddle tennis.

Chang Liqiang, principal of Sun City School in Tianqu New District, Texas, said: "Through comprehensive popularization and community activities,

and then school team selection, this three-level training system will be comprehensively promoted throughout the school. Later,

we will use padel tennis gymnastics, self-service Create  songs, teacher-student training and special competitions, improve and

expand our paddle tennis curriculum, and strive to make paddle tennis a distinctive business card of the school."







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