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  • What is the Height of Padel Court Roof ?
    What is the Height of Padel Court Roof ? May 28, 2024
          Do you know the Height of Padel Court Roof ? we are manufacturer of padel court with roof for 13 years.  China Young Padel had build and installed many sets Padel court canopy in many countries. Of course, different customers have different height requirements. However, only Padel Cover height is more than 8.5 meters can meet the specifications for World Padel Tour (WPT) and International Padel Federation (FIP) competitions. If the height of the ceiling is less than 8.5 meters, the playing space will be affected. If you want the height of the official Padel court roof as required by FIP and WPT competitions, then the following dimensions are for your reference.   The dimensions of the International Padel Federation Official Court is: 20 meters long * 10 meters wide. However, the height of the ceiling must not only meet the height requirements of the competition, but also consider the safety of the outdoor structure. Based on our 13 years of experience, the recommended outdoor Padel court canopy dimensions are: 22 meters long, 11.5 meters wide, the height of the two ends of the roof is 7 meters high, and the highest point of the curved ceiling is 8.5 meters - 9 meters. At the same time, the structural design and materials of the ceiling must be designed by a professional building structure engineer. Only in this way can the safety standards of outdoor building structures be met. As shown below:       It is recommended to use PVDF 1050g white architectural membrane material for the outdoor padel cover. This PVDF membrane material has UV resistance, good light transmission performance, and extends the outdoor service life. The warranty is 10 years and the service life is about 25 years.   There are many different styles of paddle tennis court roofs, including semi-enclosed membrane structures and fully enclosed membrane structures. The advantages of a semi-enclosed ceiling are good lighting and good ventilation. The padel court inside will have water when it rains. Affects the playing environment of padel courts. The advantage of the fully enclosed membrane structure padel roof is that the stadium will not entre water. Air conditioning can be turned on inside the stadium in winter and summer. The disadvantage is poor ventilation performance. Based on our 13 years of professional experience, our advice is: If it rarely rains in your country, you can consider building and installing a semi-enclosed padel cover, with the surrounding PVDF membrane pulled down to the position of the glass. The roof of this structure can be well enclosed and also has good ventilation performance, because the mesh fence near the stadium door can ventilate.            
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