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  • What Is Padel Tennis And Padel Courts in China ?
    What Is Padel Tennis And Padel Courts in China ? Mar 14, 2024
          In August 2023, the International Olympic Committee announced the candidate list of nine new events for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. When the domestic sports community regretted that Ultimate Frisbee was not included in the selection, the most regrettable thing in the entire Spanish-speaking and Latin-speaking regions should be the Tennis (Padel) is absent.   Padel tennis has been one of the most talked-about new sports in the world over the past few months. In addition to being included in the official competition events of the 2023 European Games, the world's top paddle tennis event has also received investment from Middle Eastern capital. The sub-station event is about to land in Africa. The International Padel Tennis Federation (FIP) is also actively promoting the project to enter the Asian Games. and the Commonwealth Games.   2022 is the year of the rise of niche sports in China. While Frisbee and Lu Chong have become the social currencies of young people in first-tier cities, padel tennis, which is popular overseas, is actually quietly growing in China. However, compared to the rapid popularity of other sports in various places, paddle tennis seems to be only popular in Shanghai. In addition, it can only be seen in a few cities such as Changsha and Chengdu. However, in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, this movement is hard to find.   Today, when all popular elements are spreading rapidly, it is difficult to imagine that an imported sport would become such a "local characteristic" in China. Two "Shanghai Styles" Padel tennis was born out of tennis. On the intercontinental cruise ships in the early last century, aristocrats liked to play tennis on the ship, but were afraid of the ball falling into the sea, so they thought of building glass walls to surround the court, and paddle tennis took shape.   By 1969, the first Padel Court appeared in Acapulco, Mexico. The sport subsequently spread to Spain and quickly spread in Spanish-speaking and Latin-speaking countries around the world. FIP officials stated that there are currently more than 25 million padel fans around the world, and the number of participants in this sport has doubled in the past five years.   In terms of rules, Padel is similar to a hybrid of tennis and squash - players can either follow the tennis rules and hit the ball before it hits the ground twice, or they can wait for the ball to bounce off the tempered glass on the sidelines and continue hitting. In addition, the paddle tennis court is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, which is less than one-third of the area of a standard tennis court, and they are all used for doubles; the racket also adds foam cotton on the basis of carbon fiber, and its elasticity is relatively weakened.   Due to these rule settings, paddle tennis requires less strength and running than tennis, and focuses more on agility. And for people with a basic knowledge of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, similar swing movements also make paddle tennis a novice-friendly sport. Of course, in order to become popular in the current communication environment dominated by social media, new sports also need social functions, trendy attributes and "filmmaking" effects. Paddle tennis obviously doesn't lack these items.   In 2016, padel tennis was officially introduced into the country. Two years later, the Chinese paddle tennis tour sponsored by the Chinese Tennis Association was born. However, it was not until this year that the project accelerated its development in the country. The person in charge of marketing of the Shanghai Padel Tennis Club told reporters that the club was established in 2018, but before this year, the players of this sport were mainly foreigners living in Shanghai, accounting for 70%; and since the end of the epidemic in Shanghai in June this year , the proportion of domestic players has increased rapidly, and now accounts for nearly 60% of foreign users.   Now, a search for “padel tennis” on Meituan-Dianping shows that there are nearly 15 Padel Courts in Shanghai, belonging to about 8 different operators. But at the same time, a search for Padel Court in Beijing on the same platform showed zero. On Xiaohongshu, notes on paddle tennis are almost exclusively limited to Shanghai. Padel tennis, which originated at sea, seemed to be trapped in Shanghai after arriving in China.   Who dares to invest in building and Install a Padel Court ?   Of course, there are also a few practitioners who have brought paddle tennis to other cities, such as Changsha and Chengdu. The 2010 Padel Club is located in Changsha. Its venue was established in 2018. It was initially mainly used for public welfare promotion of the project with the support of the local Sports Bureau. It also hosted the 2018 China Padel Tennis Tour Finals. At the beginning of this year, the venue began commercial operations.   Compared with other emerging sports, the venue is the key factor affecting the promotion of padel tennis. Unlike Frisbee, which can use a football field, and land rush, which can directly use flat ground, paddle tennis must be played on a standard field of a specific size and equipped with tempered glass. This also requires the construction of a field from the beginning for the promotion of this sport. This is obviously An asset-heavy operating method.   The population characteristics and business environment in different places are the main considerations in choosing cities for promotion. In Shanghai, padel tennis itself has a certain amount of foreign user base, while other cities often need to start from scratch and promote it step by step. Changsha and Chengdu are both cities with young and inclusive consumer groups, and land prices are relatively low. Coupled with the support of local governments, the experiment of padel can be continued.   Of course, in addition to venues and clubs specializing in padel, there are also a large number of sports communities that regard paddle tennis as a new "content", and they also play a role in spreading the project. But for these communities, the core asset is people, which can carry social and trendy sports.   Abroad, this is already a sport with clear competitive rules, promotion channels, and event business systems, and is attracting an influx of more and more capital. Once Padel Sports enters the Asian Games or Olympic Games, it goes without saying that the resources of the sports management department will be tilted, and the relevant business system can also immediately include the Chinese market.   being targeted There is no doubt that paddle tennis has huge potential in the global market. Nadal and Beckham frequently posted photos of themselves playing Padel tennis. Liverpool Football Club has incorporated paddle tennis into its team training program. Murray invested US$1.7 million in Game4Padel. Zlatan Ibrahimovic even built his own paddle tennis facility in Sweden. site. The celebrity effect spreads the influence of the project quickly. The International Padel Federation (FIP) stated that in countries such as Spain, paddle tennis has become the second most popular sport after football. However, the excitement of paddle tennis today is not only about the sport itself, but also about the undercurrent of power struggles.   In the past, the World Padel Tour (WPT) has always been the most influential padel tennis event in the world. Chinese athlete Zhang Bohou, who switched from tennis to sports, also competed in the WPT and was known as the "No. 1 padel player in China. " However, the landscape of this emerging project is also undergoing drastic changes.   In fact, although the WPT has long had the best athletes, this event is actually operated by the Spanish beer brand Estrella Damm and is not directly supervised by the FIP. As padel tennis becomes more popular around the world, Middle Eastern capital has decided to grab the cake.   In February this year, FIP received investment from Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) and announced the establishment of a new Premier Padel event directly supervised by FIP. Starting from this year, this new event will have 10 padel tournaments every year, with a prize pool of 525,000 euros per stop, and the total annual prize money is about 80% higher than the WPT.   Such a move is obviously robbing people. Sports Pro Media reported that most top players have contracts with the WPT until 2023 and are therefore temporarily unable to participate in the Premier Padel. However, the FIP and the Padel Tennis Professionals Association have filed a lawsuit against the WPT to the European Commission, accusing the other party of signing "illegal exclusives" with players. "The FIP has made no secret that they want the Premier Padel to replace the WPT as the sport's number one event." In May, the WPT also sued the other party for "attempting to exclude it from the market and deviating from its role as a fair player." The role of nonprofit regulators.”   To put it simply, the international governing body of paddle tennis, after seeing the huge commercial value of this sport, decided to kick away the "tradition" of the past and completely stand on its own. The press release announcing the establishment of the event on the FIP official website even used the ironic title: A BRIGHT & BRILLIANT NEW DAWN FOR PADEL, "A bright and brilliant new dawn for padel tennis has come."   However, the battle is not over yet. Within a few months, Premier Padel signed copyright agreements with media platforms such as ESPN, Sky, BeIN Sports, Canal+, RTVE, etc., and WPT also reached cooperation with BT Sport and Mediapro. There is no result yet on which side will win, but what is certain is that the participation of many media giants will bring unimaginable commercial value to paddle tennis.   It is not difficult to see that the direct cause of this conflict is the entry of Qatar Sports Investment Authority, which is also the current owner of Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. It is nothing new for Middle East sovereign funds to invest in sports. The conflict caused by the Qataris this time is exactly the same as the previous investment by the Saudis in golf. (Extended reading: Saudi funds have invested billions of dollars, and the golf version of the "European Super League" is about to come true.) What is a little surprising is that Middle Eastern capital has already set its sights on the emerging sport of padel tennis.      
  • How To Build High Quality Padel Courts?
    How To Build High Quality Padel Courts? Feb 22, 2024
               Do you want to build a high quality padel court ?   I believe you must have this idea, but as a non-professional man, you will definitely meet many difficulties. We are a professional padel courts manufacturer in China with 12 years experience, providing consulting, installation, training and other services to customers around the world. Please follow our professional experience.          A high-level paddle tennis court consists of the following parts.       First: Choose a excellent suppliers who will use high-quality raw materials and accessories,               and use advanced intelligent automated equipment for processing and production to ensure quality.  it also achieving scientific management and accurate accessory dimensions. This ensures your overall quality and saves you a lot of time on installation .     Second: Concrete foundation. The size of court is 20*10 meters, so the recommended size of the concrete foundation for a court is 20.8*10.8 meters.                  It is best to be completed by professional construction personnel, so that the entire stadium will be on the same standard level,          the thickness of the concrete floor should be more than 15 centimeters, and the concrete should be reinforced with steel bars of reasonable density.   Please refer to the picture below:       Third: Padel Court Installation,    This process is a critical part of achieving a high-quality courts and is best done by people with professional experience. The level of installation is related to whether your entire court is solid and beautiful.    Please Pay attention to the following details during the installation process.    1. It is very important to use a Level gauge to check whether the concrete floor is on the same level. Otherwise your court will have an overall slope.    2. Before installation, open the rolled artificial turf, and then lay it flat on the level ground for 3 days to eliminate the creases of the rolled artificial turf ,       because the artificial grass will bend and deform after rolled for long time.     3. Bause there have a lot of dust at the installation site, do not remove the surface packaging of all accessories at the same time.     In this way, the surface of the clean pillars will be covered with dust. You only need to open the package of the fixed part of the pillar link and wait until the entire stadium is installed.      Then take off the rest of the packaging. This way your court will have a very clean appearance.        When unpacking the column, be sure to avoid scratching the surface of the column with sharp blades.    4. Glass is fragile, and the entire box of glass must be erected on the ground to avoid impact.    Fourth: whole padel courts Installation sequence as following:     1. Install the steel metal frame first. must fixed.   2. Install the mesh fence and fixed .   3. After the entire metal frame of the court is completed, fixed it.   4. Check whether the metal frame for the glass is firmly fixed.   Then Install the shock-absorbing tape of the glass. The shock-absorbing tape is placed between the glass and the pillar to protect the glass.    Then install the glass. Fixed it.    5. Install padel artificial turf. It must be installed according to the manufacturer's professional drawings, and the artificial grass can not be cut at will,         which will cause a shortage of whole turf size.    6. Place quartz sand with reasonable density on the grass. Quartz Sand: Color: white, 80-100 mesh,        1 set Paddle Tennis Court need about 1000 Kgs quartz sands,      7. Finally install the tennis net. ​  
  • What Is Internet Celebrity Padel Tennis in China ?
    What Is Internet Celebrity Padel Tennis in China ? Mar 21, 2024
          After Frisbee, another interesting, novel and social treasure sport has emerged, which is padel. Currently, paddle tennis is extremely popular in the European and North American markets. According to data released by the International Padel Federation (FIP), starting in 2021, Europe will add nearly 100 new  Padel Courts  every week on average. Now it has entered the China market, and many young people in Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha and other places have also started playing this sport.   Become the next trendsetter in outdoor sports   "Novice-friendly" outdoor sports with a low threshold. Padel tennis is also a "beginner-friendly" outdoor sport. Although it has the word "tennis" in the suffix, it is much less difficult to get started than tennis. Compared with tennis, the rules of paddle tennis require less strength and running, and focus more on agility. For people with a basic knowledge of tennis, badminton, table tennis and other sports, similar swing movements also make padel tennis a novice-friendly sport. In other words, paddle tennis is suitable for people of all ages, and children, young and middle-aged people, and the elderly can participate. Some paddle tennis enthusiasts say: "Its learning cost will be lower, and it can reach the level of playing rounds faster. In addition, it has one more opportunity to catch the ball than tennis. After the ball hits the ground and bounces on the glass, it is still If you can hit back, it's not so easy to 'dead ball'."   Paddle tennis has the characteristics of weak confrontation and strong social interaction. These features become necessary conditions for it to attract beginners. Like Frisbee and flag football, paddle tennis does not require physical confrontation or conflict. In addition, because it is a doubles project and is carried out in a relatively closed space, this project shortens people's social distance in terms of space. Some netizens said: "The difficulty and amount of exercise of padel tennis can be said to be 'all human beings friendly'. It would not be too fun to invite a few friends to play 'padel sports' together on holidays and weekends." Some netizens said: "The gameplay of padel tennis is similar to For squash, you can hit it directly, or you can wait for it to pop out of the glass wall before hitting it again, thus stimulating a variety of changing modes, which is endless fun. You will fall in love with it once you hit it. It is perfect for dating 4 —Six people went to play together.”   Playing padel tennis and having a meal became a new way of life. When people make an appointment for a round of golf, it is often not just a round of golf, but also other entertainment activities such as drinking and poker. Some venue operators will also configure catering and camping areas around the venue, making it a complex integrating leisure, entertainment, sports and social interaction.   As a trendy sport, paddle tennis has a high production rate. The easy production adds a filter of internet celebrity sports to the project, further increasing its appeal. Many users have shared their interesting experiences about it, and many businesses, clubs and brands have organized and shared related activities. As a trendy sport, paddle tennis venues exist in the form of pop-ups. These pop-up stores are usually located on city terraces or adjacent to popular business districts. Coupled with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, outstanding dopamine colors and clear urban skies, they can undoubtedly become an eye-catching check-in item among the friends of urban athletes.   Internet celebrities and hardcore   How to seize opportunities in outdoor sports   Padel tennis promotes new development of urban leisure sports industry. While the country is developing rapidly, the competition system is also being constructed and improved. According to media reports, the 2023 China Padel Tour CPT-300 (Chengdu Station) event will be held in Wenjiang District, Chengdu City on October 14th and 15th. This is the first national padel tennis event held in Chengdu, and it is also the first appearance of the 300 level in the Chinese Tennis Association CPT series. The relevant person in charge of the Wenjiang District Culture and Tourism Bureau said that the local area has been committed to promoting the development of new consumption scenarios in the urban sports industry. In addition to hosting national-level events, it will also work with first-tier European tennis brands to build an immersive paddle tennis equipment experience store. In the future, we will drive the industry with scenes, drive the economy with events, and continue to promote the high-quality development of the sports and leisure consumption industry with Wenjiang characteristics.   Paddle tennis may lead to a resurgence of retro old-money style. Sportswear and sports equipment have always been one of the hot topics discussed on social platforms. Since it was born out of tennis, a large number of tennis equipment and sports fashion clothing can be seamlessly migrated to this project, which not only allows users to post a "padel Tennis Retro Old Money" in their Moments after playing a game, the trend is back The good-looking photos of "outfit" give the movement itself a unique advantage in communication. In the future, on major social media and e-commerce platforms, you may see clothing topics and brands such as "Padelstyle Outfit Guide", "Padelstyle Sports Style Irresistible" and "Retro Outfits for Padel Style" Square action.   To leverage the swing business, you need to do a good job in venue, training and competition work. Some people believe that as a niche sport, it is still in the stage of attracting attention in the Chinese market. The public’s understanding of the project is only “small tennis”, and it still needs a long start-up period to expand domestically. For operators, in order to leverage the swing business, they need to do a good job in venue, training and competition work.   However, the walls of padel court are usually made of glass. Transparent glass walls make it easier to collaborate with many sports brands and even fashion brands, and even provide creative space for street art such as graffiti and wall paintings. The Padel venue is also removable, and some operators use pop-up stores to promote Padel. In terms of training, some operators combine paddle tennis and children's tennis training. This method may be the conversion method that some operators prefer. However, some operators reserve the venue more for community activities such as paddle tennis.   According to some observations, "60% of the turnover of the traditional swing business comes from training, and the remaining part is composed of court rental, competition and activity booking." Some operators said that they want more people to experience this sport, and doing well in events is still the key to promoting this sport. Although social media is a traffic-draining tool for niche sports, the “gold content” of events is higher.   Although paddle tennis still needs to be improved in terms of venues, training and events, many operators are confident in the market. "They have broad prospects and are worth investing in."        
  • 2024 Construction Padel Courts And Installation Instructions Manual
    2024 Construction Padel Courts And Installation Instructions Manual Apr 07, 2024
        How to Building and Install Padel Court by yourself ?   Padel Tennis Courts Installation Instructions Manual from China youngman Padel 2024.   As a professional Padel Court Manufacturers and factory for more than 13 years in China, we have successfully Build , Construction and Installed more than 5850 sets of  Padel Courts in more than 51 countries around the world. Ours design and quality of official Courts all comply with the standards and rules of World Padel Tour (WPT) and International Padel Federation (FIP). We are willing to share our 13 years of professional Padel stadiums construction and installation experience with the world. If you are a beginner, please read the following complete process carefully, I believe many beginner don’t know how to start or the entire process. We believe that our professional install manual can help you save time and make you a paddle tennis court expert.   Successfully Building and Install top quality Padel tennis club. The following core elements are required. 1. Let professional construction workers or builder a qualified concrete floor. Need outdoor waterproof 100A distribution box. 2. Choose best padel court manufacturers from China. 3. Professional installation technology and processes.   Step 1: How to Building a Concrete Foundation Floor for a Court ?   The concrete base floor determines the quality of the entire padel club. If the concrete floor is overall tilted or of poor quality, it will directly affect the quality of the padel courts. We recommend that it be built by professional builders according to the dimensions of professional drawings.   1.The size of the paddle tennis court is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. The recommended size of the concrete foundation floor of a court is 21 meters long and 11 meters wide. The overall thickness of the concrete foundation floor is more than 15cm. At the same time, the concrete foundation is equipped with steel bars with a diameter of 12 mm, and the spacing between the steel bars is 20 cm. 2. It is recommended that the concrete floor of the padel stadiums should be 15 cm higher than the surrounding ground. This will facilitate drainage. The paddle tennis court will have no water accumulation and will have a longer service life. If the court is filled with water and moisture for a long time, it is easy to damage the artificial turf, and it is also easy for the steel and screws in contact with the ground to rust. 3. If the concrete foundation of the court is the same height as the surrounding areas, it is recommended to have a drainage system in place. Keep your court dry for long time. 4. Key core: The entire concrete foundation of the court must be on the same horizontal line. If the foundation tilts, it will directly cause the entire padel court to tilt, and the glass can not be installed. 5. The surface of the concrete floor should be flat and smooth. If the ground is uneven and rough, the padel artificial grass will be damaged. Will shorten the service life of artificial turf. 6. Because there are LED lights in the padel stadiums, it is basically necessary to consider layout of electric wire in advance. Also consider electric wire safety. 7. If two courts are installed at the same time, the distance between the court and the court gate should be at least 2 meters. Too close distance will affect players' playing. 8. It is recommended to install resting chairs and sun umbrellas outside the stadium to facilitate spectators to rest and watch the game.   The construction and installation of a padel court requires about 5-6 workers at the same time.   Step 2: How to choose the best Padel Tennis Court Manufacturers ?      The quality of  courts affects safety and service life. You should choose top quality suppliers.    If it rains outdoors, you should consider the quality of the raw materials. Poor quality can easily rust, rot, and is unsafe.    The quality of raw materials is the core element of a high-quality paddle tennis court.    If it is installed outdoors, it is recommended to use the following raw materials.   1. Metal structure of the court: Because the padel tennis court has 18 pieces of glasses, and the glass is very heavy, the metal structure must be scientific, reasonable and stronger to be able to bear the weight of the glass. Metal structures used outdoors should use standard hot-dip galvanized steel pipes so that they will not rust or rot when exposed to rain for a long time outdoors. If black iron is used for steel pipes in metal structures, they will begin to rust and rot after 2 years, which is very dangerous. If the outdoor wind force is below level 8, you can consider the columns size to be 80*80*3mm or 100*100*3mm. The thickness of the steel pipe must be the standard 3 mm thickness. Otherwise, the outdoor wind load resistance capacity will be affected. Some small factories in order to reduce costs and use steel pipes with a thickness of 2 mm or 2.5mm, which will directly affect outdoor safety. If the outdoor wind is greater than level 8 or there are frequent super hurricanes, it is recommended that the columns size be 120*120*3mm or 120*120*4mm. Only in this way can sufficient resistance to hurricanes be ensured. The mesh fence also uses hot-dip galvanized wire to avoid rust and rot. The diameter of the wire mesh should be 4 mm, and the hole spacing of the wire mesh should not be big than 50*50 mm, otherwise it will affect the overall firmness. The wire mesh will deform after long-term use. Affects the paddle tennis experience. If the raw material of the wire mesh is black wire mesh, after the surface of the wire mesh has been hit by a tennis ball for long time, the plastic spray layer or paint on the surface will fall off, and it will soon rust and rot after 2 years. The welding and surface treatment of the metal structure are very important. They must be finely polished and rust removed, and then sprayed with high-quality outdoor powder. In this way, the powder has stronger adsorption force and will not fall off after long-term use. After the metal structure is sprayed and cooled, it must be packed in time to avoid collision damage. At the same time, waterproof outer packaging should be used.   2. Glass is most important raw material for the padel courts, and high-quality 12mm thickness tempered glass must be used because players will frequently hit the glass. Glass involves the safety of players and spectators. Each piece of glass in a paddle tennis court has 10 countersunk holes, and the drilling technology requires very high standards. You must purchase glass produced by high-quality big factory. The glass holes produced by small family workshops are prone to cracking. Glass with a thickness of 10 mm is not strong enough. Affect safety.   3. The quality of padel artificial turf directly affects the service life and comfort of playing . The raw material of artificial turf grass must be PE, because PE grass is soft and comfortable, and the playing experience is very good. Do not use the PP grass yarn, because the PP grass yarn is relatively hard and uncomfortable when playing. Whether the artificial turf  adhesive is SBR or PU adhesive are also can use. Similar quality. However, when the outdoor temperature is higher than 46 degrees, it is recommended to use PU Backing artificial turf . because the artificial turf will shorten and become softer after thermal expansion and contraction at high temperatures. There is a gap between the artificial turf and the glass on the ground, but it will rebound because of the soft PU adhesive. Shorten or restore to original size. different quality of artificial turf will be different price.  Following parameters grass can use: PE grass yarn, grass yarn height 10-13 mm, 3/16, DTEX: 9000 or above, Stitch: 250-300 needles,and density between 52000-63000. It’s just that the experience of playing and lifetime is different. But it does not affect use.     4. LED lights must be outdoor waterproof grade IP65 and must be from major brands. In this way, the service life will be longer, and the LED lights must be designed to be anti-vertigo, otherwise it will affect playing padel games at night.   5. Screw and accessories must be made of 304 stainless steel for outdoor use, so they will not rust or rot when exposed to rain for long time, and are safe and reliable. The link blocks of the glass must also be made of 304 stainless steel, because the glass is very heavy. If the glass link pieces get rusty and rotten, the glass will fall and cause injuries to the players. very dangerous. If the screws and links are made of black iron, they will rust and rot after 2 years, it impossible to fix the entire padel court, causing safety hazards. Some small factories use the Fake 304 stainless steel screws, which may cause safety hazards.   Step 3.  How to install a padel court ?    The installation of the Padel Courts is very important and involves a lot of details and technology.   It is best to have a professional team complete the installation of the courts. It can also be completed by yourself if you are a beginner. Please follow our installation instructions and sequence below.   Step 1: Make sure the concrete foundation is overall flat, the ground surface is smooth, and there are no cracks or depressions. Then use a level instrument to check whether the whole thing is on the same level. A level instrument should be used throughout the installation process to check the level of the frame. Do not cause the frame to tilt.   Step 2: Before installation, mark straight lines on the ground to ensure that all columns are installed on the same straight line to avoid tilting of the overall metal frame.   Step 3: Open the package of the column. Remember: do not open all the packages at the same time. If you use column A now, open package A. Do not open package B at the same time, because this will cause damage and dust to the surface of the uninstalled column. Open the package to avoid damaging the surface paint with sharp blades.   Step 4: First fix the corner columns, then install the upper and lower glass beams, and install and fix the metal frame of the entire glass (not install the glass)   Step 5: Install the LED lights and lamp posts. The sequence is: Now install the LED lights and wires on the light poles on the ground, and then install the entire lamp post on the ground. It is recommended that the electrical wiring be put into the steel tube of the lamp post.   Step 6: installation and fix the mesh frame columns and mesh frame for padel courts. If you need to install mesh frame B now, open the B package. Do not open all the packages at the same time to avoid surface damage.   Step 7: installation the glass. This step is very important to prevent the glass from breaking and at the same time ensure that the glass does not tilt after installation.         Glass installation sequence: 1. First attach the EVA rubber shock-absorbing strip, and place the EVA strip between the glass and the pillar columns. It can protects the glass. 2. Use suction cups and tools to move the glass close to the column. Each piece of glass requires 6 workers to install at the same time. It will be safe. 3. After checking the position of the glass hole, fix the screws and rubber pads. The bottom of the glass must be protected by a rubber strip. Avoid breakage. Then fix the glass link block. Just tighten the screws that fix the glass. Do not overtighten the screws, as this may cause the glass holes to crack.   Step 8:  Installation Padel Court Artificial Turf:   Because the turf is compressed and packed in rolls, the surface of the turf will have creases and deformations after long-term transportation. Before installing the artificial turf, open the grass in advance and lay it flat on the flat ground for 3 days. after 3 days then begin to install artificial turf . This makes the artificial turfs moother and more beautiful. It must be installed and cut according to the professional drawings provided by the artificial turf manufacturer. Never cut the length of the turf arbitrarily, otherwise it will cause a shortage of artificial turf size and can not be used. This point is very important. Installing padel turf requires the use of turf-specific glue. Glue must be used between artificial turf gaps and splices.    Step 10: Spread 80-100 mesh quartz sand on the padel artificial grass. 1 court requires about 850-1000 kgs of quartz sand. Most customers choose white quartz sand. Quartz sand should be laid evenly as soon as possible.   Step 11: Install the net posts and tennis net.   If you follow our above professional experience , we believe you as a beginner can also complete the Construction and Installation of your Padel Court with high quality. At the same time, Building and installation costs can be saved. It can also save time.please feel free to contact us if you need others Skills and details, we will provide free consultation and service any time.        
  • What Is Size and Dimension of Padel Court Roof ?
    What Is Size and Dimension of Padel Court Roof ? Apr 28, 2024
      The Size and dimensions of the Panoramic Padel Court specified by WPT and FIP is 20 meters in length and 10 meters in width. We recommend the size of Padel Court Roof: 22 meters in length and 11.5 meters in width. The top height of the padel roof is not less than 8.5 meters. The height of the corner columns of the roof is 7 meters. If the height of the padel court tent is too low, it will affect the padel games. If the height of the padel courts roof is higher than 9 meters, it will be better, but safety must be considered install outdoors. The construction and installation of the outdoor roof of the padel tennis court must consider safety and wind load resistance. Our padel cover is scientifically designed by outdoor architectural structural designers, and the structure is firm and safe. In order to enhance the outdoor wind load resistance, we adopt the concrete underground embedded parts mode. 12 sets embedded parts are used underground with flange size: 35*40cm, reinforcement specification:18mm*500mm steel bar * 6 sets. The underground embedded parts and the integral concrete foundation become a whole. Such a structure makes the overall steel structure of the roof stronger and safer. 12 sets columns H-beam steel structure columns, with embedded parts, dimensions: H200-120*6*8mm,Height: 7M, designed strictly in accordance with outdoor building safety standards. 6 sets curved beams use I-beam steel structure curved beams, size H200-120*6*8mm, Height after installation: 8.5 meters.  30 sets crossbars dimensions: 114x3mm. The membrane material of the padel court cover ceiling: pvdf self-cleaning membrane,1250g white architectural PVDF membrane, UV anti-ultraviolet, outdoor use for more than 25 years.       Installing and build an outdoor padel court with roof has the following advantages:   1.In order to increase the business hours and profits of the paddle tennis club, it is not affected by bad weather such as rain and snow. The club can be open 365 days per year. 2. It is more popular for padel players and improves the environment and comfort experience of the club. 3. The roof can protect the padel tennis court from rain and snow, and prevent the paddle tennis court from being wet and rainy. This can delay the service life of the court.      
  • How Much The Cost To Build Padel Court Roof ?
    How Much The Cost To Build Padel Court Roof ? May 10, 2024
                How to Reduce and Control Lowest Cost to Build a Padel Court with Roof ? Professional Padel team gives you lowest cost budget for Padel Tennis Court Construction and Installation .     Do you know How Much the Cost and Price to Build a Padel Court with Roof ?   Step 1: You need to understand which factors make up the entire cost. The cost of Building a Padel Tennis Court with Roof Cover consists of the following 3 different costs: 1. The cost and price of the  Padel Tennis Court  with Roof itself. 2. The construction cost of the concrete foundation of the court. 3. The installation cost and price of the paddle tennis court with a Tent Cover. 4. Shipping costs and import tariffs. The above 4 factors are the complete construction cost of the padel court with a roof.   Let's calculate each individual cost and price.   1. What’s quality standard of padel tennis court with roof cover you need? Determine your budget and requirements. Because the courts have many different styles and different structures. For example, panoramic, classic, super panoramic padel tennis courts etc. The price is different. 2. The court is composed of a metal structure system, tempered glass, artificial turf, LED lights, screw accessories, and quartz sand. The different quality of raw materials leads to different total prices and costs of paddle tennis courts.       The padel court price and cost from China manufacturers are as follows:   The metal frame structure is composed of hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, mesh frames and wire mesh. The steel pipes have black iron pipes and hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. The mesh wires are also have hot-dip galvanized wire mesh and black iron wire mesh. The price are different. The glass can be top-quality glass produced by biggest factories, or normal quality glass produced by small factories, resulting in different prices and costs. The price of artificial turf varies even more. Because the cost of artificial turf is affected by the density , the quality of the grass, the number of deniers, the adhesive backing, etc., the price of artificial turf is completely different. The screw accessories are made of 304 stainless steel, and there are also black iron galvanized screws and links, resulting in different prices and costs. Another important price factor is the rust-proof treatment and powder coating on the surface of the steel pipe, which has a large price difference.   First: Now let's calculate the price of 1 set padel tennis court according to the two standards of medium market price and best quality.   1. The price of 1 set High-quality padel court in China factories are as follows:      A: total price of the metal frame structure + screw accessories is Total about US$ 4,000. Raw materials: hot-dip galvanized steel pipe 80*80*3mm or100*100*3mm. Hot-dip galvanized wire mesh, wire mesh diameter is 4mm, wire mesh distance 50*50mm. Screw fittings 304 stainless steel. Steel pipe rust removal, fine grinding, high-quality powder spraying. B: 12mm thickness tempered glass, glass size 2995*1995mm, 10 countersunk holes on each piece of glass. The price of 18 pieces glass total about $1950. C: Artificial turf: Density 58800, Backing: SBR. 206 square meters per set, turf price is Total about: $1500 per set. D: 8 sets of LED lights, outdoor waterproof IP65, 200 W. The price of 8 sets of LED lights is Total about: $350. So the price of 1 set of padel court from China is about: $7800 per set, FOB China port price.   2. The price of 1 set top quality padel tennis court in China manufacturers is as follows:   A: The total cost and price of metal frame structure + screw accessories is total about 4500 US dollars. Raw materials: hot-dip galvanized steel pipe 100*100*3mm. Hot-dip galvanized wire mesh, wire mesh diameter is 4 mm, mesh distance 50*50 mm. Screw accessories 304 stainless steel. Steel pipe rust removal, fine grinding, high-quality powder spraying. Buy top-quality hot-dip galvanized steel pipes and hot-dip galvanized wire mesh produced by biggest factories with famous brands,  so the price is different. B: 12 mm thickness tempered glass, glass size 2995*1995 mm, 10 countersunk holes on each piece of glass. The price of 18 pieces glass is total about 2100 US dollars. The glass is produced by the largest glass factory in China. Top quality. So the price is different. C: Artificial turf: top quality. Density 63000, PP+PP+PU adhesive backing. 209 square meters per set, turf price is total about: 1900 US dollars per set. This top-quality artificial grass is the same quality as Mondo Turf. The warranty is 6 years. D: 8 sets of LED lights, outdoor waterproof IP65, 200W. The price of 8 sets of LED lights is Total about: 350 US dollars. 1 set top-quality padel court price from China manufacturers is about: $ 8850 US dollars per set, FOB China port price.     If your court needs a padel roof, because each customer has different requirements for the height, length and width of the roof, each customer has different requirements for the outdoor wind load resistance of the roof and the roof material. So the price of the roof varies very big. So the roof is specially customized according to the different requirements of customers. So the price is completely different.   Second: The construction cost for 1 set padel court concrete foundation is as follows:   The concrete foundation ground size : 22 meters long, 11 meters wide, and the thickness of the concrete foundation ground is 15-20 cm thick. (The size is for reference) The concrete foundation is equipped with 12 mm diameter steel bars. The distance between the steel bars is 200 mm. 22 * 11 m = 242 square meters.We use the wages of Chinese workers as a reference. The cost of building 1set padel court concrete foundation in China is about $12 per square meter * 242 square meters of 1 court ground foundation = $2,904. The price total $2,904 includes labor and material costs. Because the wages of workers and the prices of raw materials in each country are completely different, the cost and price of building a concrete foundation for 1 court are completely different. The above costs are reference prices in China.   Third: The installation price of 1 set padel court.   1 set padel court installation cost is ranges from $2,700 to $ 4,000 per set, because the wages of workers in different countries are different. So the installation price is also completely different. Another factor that affects the installation price is the number of padel courts you need install. The more courts you install,  installation price will more cheap. For example, if there are 6 installation workers, the price of 6 workers installing one set and installing 10 sets paddle tennis courts at the same time is different.   Fourth: The price of shipping costs and import tariffs.   The distance between each country is different, and the import tariffs are different. The prices are completely different. We have professional padel team with 13 years of experience and have successfully exported to 51 countries. We can accurately calculate the shipping cost for you at any time for free. we can provide customers with the HS code of the padel courts, so that customers can accurately calculate the cost of import tariffs.   We provide the above professional services for free and in time 24 hours*365 days a year.              
  • What is the Height of Padel Court Roof ?
    What is the Height of Padel Court Roof ? May 28, 2024
          Do you know the Height of Padel Court Roof ? we are manufacturer of padel court with roof for 13 years.  China Young Padel had build and installed many sets Padel court canopy in many countries. Of course, different customers have different height requirements. However, only Padel Cover height is more than 8.5 meters can meet the specifications for World Padel Tour (WPT) and International Padel Federation (FIP) competitions. If the height of the ceiling is less than 8.5 meters, the playing space will be affected. If you want the height of the official Padel court roof as required by FIP and WPT competitions, then the following dimensions are for your reference.   The dimensions of the International Padel Federation Official Court is: 20 meters long * 10 meters wide. However, the height of the ceiling must not only meet the height requirements of the competition, but also consider the safety of the outdoor structure. Based on our 13 years of experience, the recommended outdoor Padel court canopy dimensions are: 22 meters long, 11.5 meters wide, the height of the two ends of the roof is 7 meters high, and the highest point of the curved ceiling is 8.5 meters - 9 meters. At the same time, the structural design and materials of the ceiling must be designed by a professional building structure engineer. Only in this way can the safety standards of outdoor building structures be met. As shown below:       It is recommended to use PVDF 1050g white architectural membrane material for the outdoor padel cover. This PVDF membrane material has UV resistance, good light transmission performance, and extends the outdoor service life. The warranty is 10 years and the service life is about 25 years.   There are many different styles of paddle tennis court roofs, including semi-enclosed membrane structures and fully enclosed membrane structures. The advantages of a semi-enclosed ceiling are good lighting and good ventilation. The padel court inside will have water when it rains. Affects the playing environment of padel courts. The advantage of the fully enclosed membrane structure padel roof is that the stadium will not entre water. Air conditioning can be turned on inside the stadium in winter and summer. The disadvantage is poor ventilation performance. Based on our 13 years of professional experience, our advice is: If it rarely rains in your country, you can consider building and installing a semi-enclosed padel cover, with the surrounding PVDF membrane pulled down to the position of the glass. The roof of this structure can be well enclosed and also has good ventilation performance, because the mesh fence near the stadium door can ventilate.            
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