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Paddle Tennis Court Installation


Paddle Tennis Court Installation

  • How To Build High Quality Padel Courts?
    How To Build High Quality Padel Courts? Feb 22, 2024
               Do you want to build a high quality padel court ?   I believe you must have this idea, but as a non-professional man, you will definitely meet many difficulties. We are a professional padel courts manufacturer in China with 12 years experience, providing consulting, installation, training and other services to customers around the world. Please follow our professional experience.          A high-level paddle tennis court consists of the following parts.       First: Choose a excellent suppliers who will use high-quality raw materials and accessories,               and use advanced intelligent automated equipment for processing and production to ensure quality.  it also achieving scientific management and accurate accessory dimensions. This ensures your overall quality and saves you a lot of time on installation .     Second: Concrete foundation. The size of court is 20*10 meters, so the recommended size of the concrete foundation for a court is 20.8*10.8 meters.                  It is best to be completed by professional construction personnel, so that the entire stadium will be on the same standard level,          the thickness of the concrete floor should be more than 15 centimeters, and the concrete should be reinforced with steel bars of reasonable density.   Please refer to the picture below:       Third: Padel Court Installation,    This process is a critical part of achieving a high-quality courts and is best done by people with professional experience. The level of installation is related to whether your entire court is solid and beautiful.    Please Pay attention to the following details during the installation process.    1. It is very important to use a Level gauge to check whether the concrete floor is on the same level. Otherwise your court will have an overall slope.    2. Before installation, open the rolled artificial turf, and then lay it flat on the level ground for 3 days to eliminate the creases of the rolled artificial turf ,       because the artificial grass will bend and deform after rolled for long time.     3. Bause there have a lot of dust at the installation site, do not remove the surface packaging of all accessories at the same time.     In this way, the surface of the clean pillars will be covered with dust. You only need to open the package of the fixed part of the pillar link and wait until the entire stadium is installed.      Then take off the rest of the packaging. This way your court will have a very clean appearance.        When unpacking the column, be sure to avoid scratching the surface of the column with sharp blades.    4. Glass is fragile, and the entire box of glass must be erected on the ground to avoid impact.    Fourth: whole padel courts Installation sequence as following:     1. Install the steel metal frame first. must fixed.   2. Install the mesh fence and fixed .   3. After the entire metal frame of the court is completed, fixed it.   4. Check whether the metal frame for the glass is firmly fixed.   Then Install the shock-absorbing tape of the glass. The shock-absorbing tape is placed between the glass and the pillar to protect the glass.    Then install the glass. Fixed it.    5. Install padel artificial turf. It must be installed according to the manufacturer's professional drawings, and the artificial grass can not be cut at will,         which will cause a shortage of whole turf size.    6. Place quartz sand with reasonable density on the grass. Quartz Sand: Color: white, 80-100 mesh,        1 set Paddle Tennis Court need about 1000 Kgs quartz sands,      7. Finally install the tennis net. ​  
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