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What Is Internet Celebrity Padel Tennis in China ?

What Is Internet Celebrity Padel Tennis in China ?

March 21, 2024



Internet Celebrity Padel Court


After Frisbee, another interesting, novel and social treasure sport has emerged, which is padel. Currently, paddle tennis is extremely popular in the European and North American markets.

According to data released by the International Padel Federation (FIP), starting in 2021, Europe will add nearly 100 new  Padel Courts  every week on average.

Now it has entered the China market, and many young people in Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha and other places have also started playing this sport.


Become the next trendsetter in outdoor sports


"Novice-friendly" outdoor sports with a low threshold. Padel tennis is also a "beginner-friendly" outdoor sport. Although it has the word "tennis" in the suffix, it is much less difficult to get started than tennis.

Compared with tennis, the rules of paddle tennis require less strength and running, and focus more on agility. For people with a basic knowledge of tennis, badminton, table tennis and other sports,

similar swing movements also make padel tennis a novice-friendly sport. In other words, paddle tennis is suitable for people of all ages, and children, young and middle-aged people,

and the elderly can participate. Some paddle tennis enthusiasts say: "Its learning cost will be lower, and it can reach the level of playing rounds faster. In addition,

it has one more opportunity to catch the ball than tennis. After the ball hits the ground and bounces on the glass, it is still If you can hit back, it's not so easy to 'dead ball'."


Paddle tennis has the characteristics of weak confrontation and strong social interaction. These features become necessary conditions for it to attract beginners.

Like Frisbee and flag football, paddle tennis does not require physical confrontation or conflict. In addition, because it is a doubles project and is carried out in a relatively closed space,

this project shortens people's social distance in terms of space. Some netizens said: "The difficulty and amount of exercise of padel tennis can be said to be 'all human beings friendly'.

It would not be too fun to invite a few friends to play 'padel sports' together on holidays and weekends." Some netizens said: "The gameplay of padel tennis is similar to For squash,

you can hit it directly, or you can wait for it to pop out of the glass wall before hitting it again, thus stimulating a variety of changing modes, which is endless fun.

You will fall in love with it once you hit it. It is perfect for dating 4 —Six people went to play together.”


Playing padel tennis and having a meal became a new way of life. When people make an appointment for a round of golf, it is often not just a round of golf,

but also other entertainment activities such as drinking and poker. Some venue operators will also configure catering and camping areas around the venue,

making it a complex integrating leisure,

entertainment, sports and social interaction.


As a trendy sport, paddle tennis has a high production rate. The easy production adds a filter of internet celebrity sports to the project, further increasing its appeal.

Many users have shared their interesting experiences about it, and many businesses, clubs and brands have organized and shared related activities.

As a trendy sport, paddle tennis venues exist in the form of pop-ups. These pop-up stores are usually located on city terraces or adjacent to popular business districts.

Coupled with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, outstanding dopamine colors and clear urban skies, they can undoubtedly become an eye-catching check-in item among the friends of urban athletes.


Internet celebrities and hardcore


How to seize opportunities in outdoor sports


Padel tennis promotes new development of urban leisure sports industry. While the country is developing rapidly, the competition system is also being constructed and improved.

According to media reports, the 2023 China Padel Tour CPT-300 (Chengdu Station) event will be held in Wenjiang District, Chengdu City on October 14th and 15th.

This is the first national padel tennis event held in Chengdu, and it is also the first appearance of the 300 level in the Chinese Tennis Association CPT series.

The relevant person in charge of the Wenjiang District Culture and Tourism Bureau said that the local area has been committed to promoting the development of new consumption scenarios

in the urban sports industry. In addition to hosting national-level events, it will also work with first-tier European tennis brands to build an immersive paddle tennis equipment experience store.

In the future, we will drive the industry with scenes, drive the economy with events, and continue to promote the high-quality development of the sports and

leisure consumption industry with Wenjiang characteristics.


Paddle tennis may lead to a resurgence of retro old-money style. Sportswear and sports equipment have always been one of the hot topics discussed on social platforms.

Since it was born out of tennis, a large number of tennis equipment and sports fashion clothing can be seamlessly migrated to this project, which not only allows users to

post a "padel Tennis Retro Old Money" in their Moments after playing a game, the trend is back The good-looking photos of "outfit" give the movement itself a unique advantage in communication.

In the future, on major social media and e-commerce platforms, you may see clothing topics and brands such as "Padelstyle Outfit Guide", "Padelstyle Sports Style Irresistible"

and "Retro Outfits for Padel Style" Square action.


To leverage the swing business, you need to do a good job in venue, training and competition work. Some people believe that as a niche sport, it is still in the stage of

attracting attention in the Chinese market. The public’s understanding of the project is only “small tennis”, and it still needs a long start-up period to expand domestically.

For operators, in order to leverage the swing business, they need to do a good job in venue, training and competition work.


However, the walls of padel court are usually made of glass. Transparent glass walls make it easier to collaborate with many sports brands and even fashion brands,

and even provide creative space for street art such as graffiti and wall paintings. The Padel venue is also removable, and some operators use pop-up stores to promote Padel.

In terms of training, some operators combine paddle tennis and children's tennis training. This method may be the conversion method that some operators prefer. However,

some operators reserve the venue more for community activities such as paddle tennis.


According to some observations, "60% of the turnover of the traditional swing business comes from training, and the remaining part is composed of court rental,

competition and activity booking." Some operators said that they want more people to experience this sport, and doing well in events is still the key to promoting this sport.

Although social media is a traffic-draining tool for niche sports, the “gold content” of events is higher.


Although paddle tennis still needs to be improved in terms of venues, training and events, many operators are confident in the market.

"They have broad prospects and are worth investing in."





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